VETOMAC XII - 7-9.IX.2016
Data publikacji: 23.08.2016

The Szewalski Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (Gdańsk, Poland), Air Force Institute of Technology (Warsaw, Poland), Koneru Lakshmaiah University and The Vibration Institute of India cordially invite you to The Twelve International Conference on VIBRATION ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY OF MACHINERY (VETOMAC-XII) - 7-9 September 2016.

VETOMAC-XII (Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery) is the twelve in a series of conferences being held as an effort to bring together researchers from diverse areas in Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery. The conference is organized by Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk, Poland, in collaboration Koneru Lakshmaiah University, Vaddeswaram, India and the Vibration Institute of India.

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