Experience in management of projects financed by the European Union

Professor J. Kiciński was the manager of three target projects financed by the EU resources, which final effects were industrial implementations of modern systems of technical diagnostics in power engineering, contracts:

  • WKP_1/1.4.4/1/2005/9/9/574/2006/U,
  • WKP_1/1.4.4/1/2005/6/6/569/2006/U,
  • WKP_1/1.4.3/1/2004/96/96/192/2006/U.

Specially original was the project "Virtual Power Plant", a unique system of data verification and staff training.

Currently a large "Key Project" concerning model agro-energetic complexes and a dispersed cogeneration, decision:

  • DFE-WWPK-5271-01.01.02/08/IŻ/

The Project is financed by the EU structural funds within the Strategic Programs of Innovatory Economics. Professor J. Kiciński is the director of this project and coordinates work of several research teams from various scientific centres.

He also conceived a main idea and was the person authorised for contacts in the project "Excellence Centre: Pure and safe technologies in power engineering", financed entirely by the EU, contract:

  • NNE5/2002/7

Experience in managing projects ordered by the Government of the Republic of Poland

Professor J. Kiciäski was the manager of a large Government Research Project

  • PBZ 038-06

supervising operations of six research teams from the country, directed towards development of the first Polish vibration control system of large power turbosets.

In the consecutive Government Research Project

  • PBZ-KBN-025/T10/2000

(finished in the year 2005) he was the main coordinator of activities of a dozen or so research teams.

He was also the director of the Government Research Project

  • "DIADYN"

(finished in the year 2008), in which nearly 40 research teams - from the whole country - were involved.

Those projects were mainly directed towards diagnostics and modelling of processes occurring in large power engineering plants.

He was also supervising several Grants from the Committee for Research Projects and tens of works ordered directly by industry, mostly by the power engineering one.