Added: 16.05.2017

"The environment, agriculture and forestry" - BIOSTRATEG is prepared by The National Centre of Research and Development and approved by the Minister of Science and Higher Education strategic program.

The program includes five strategic problem areas. These areas are:

  • Food security and safety.
  • Rational management of natural resources with particular emphasis on water management.
  • Prevention and adaptation to climate change, with particular emphasis on agriculture.
  • Protection of biodiversity and sustainable development of the agricultural production.
  • Forestry and wood industries.

The main objective of the Programme is to develop knowledge in the areas of program. Institute of Fluid- Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Science is Lead Partner in project "New renewable energy technologies for sustainable development of rural areas and low-carbon agriculture". Partners will soon sign a contract and scientists begin their work.

The aim of the project is to develop technologies based on natural resources in the agricultural and forest areas for the production of electrical and heat energy. The agricultural production and food processing in Poland grows continuously year by year, gaining a role of leading food producer in EU, leaving behind Germany and France. In frame of the project eco-energy technologies will be developed. They will contribute to sustainable development of rural areas and enable popularization of low emission agricultural production.

The project tasks are related to R&D in the field environment, agriculture and forestry, and specially related to rational and sustainable resource economy and to a decrease of influence of agriculture and forestry on climate changes. The project works will be performed by a consortium of scientific and industrial partners focusing on ecoenergy technologies, to be implemented in a short timespan in the field related to animal and plant production.

By participation of industrial partners from various sectors of economy, it is possible to solve the complex problems related to production, environmental protection and energy supply mainly in agriculture and food sector. The proposed solutions will be practical and innovative. The developed technologies will support policy of sustainable economy, and specially energy distributed systems in rural areas.