E-mobility and the fight with smog
Added: 15.03.2017

On Wednesday, 1st March, 2017 the Polish Academy of Sciences Research Centre - KEZO held a meeting dedicated to a clean technologies in energy and transport under the slogan "Let's help cities breathe". During the meeting, the potential of the Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences KEZO, proposes an original technology of micro-cogeneration with electrofilters system in the context of the fight against low emissions, developed by the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery in Gdansk and Polish Automotive Electrification Program PPEM was initiated. The main point of the program was the ceremonial signing of the agreement PPEM connected with the transfer of the first batch of electric taxis constitute the beginning of the electric fleet operating in the city of Warsaw.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, prof. J. Duszyński and was attended by a number of distinguished guests including: vice president of Polish Academy of Sciences prof. dr. Elzbieta Frackowiak, Deputy Minister of Energy, Dr. Michał Kurtyka, director of IMP PAN prof. dr. Eng. Jan Kiciński, directors of research institutes, representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Development, presidents of companies from the eMobility sector and representatives of local governments interested in the subject of clean technologies in energy and transport.

Place the ceremony, Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences - KEZO in Jabłonna, is the largest and most modern Research Centre in the country in the field of renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies. CB PAN KEZO is a long-distance laboratory of the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences cooperating with several research institutes from the country and abroad. In addition to its scientific and research activities, CB KEZO also supports various initiatives leading to the development of clean technologies, including Polish Automotive Electrification Program (PPEM).

The main objective of the PPEM program is to run partnership projects between industry, local governments, local government organizations and the scientific community, represented by the KEZO Research Centre and units related with it. Projects should support the development of widely understood electromobility in connection with the technical aspects and organizational functioning in local energy systems. Program will promote the development of fleets of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and technology of renewable energy or low carbon sources. Environmental and social aspects associated with the operation of electric vehicles in Poland will be monitored and analysed. The PPEM program currently supports Poland's largest project on electric "working cars" (electric taxi, bus, car and courier vans, municipal services).

Partners of PPEM program, beside CB PAN KEZO (IMP PAN), are:

National Union of Farmers Groups and Agricultural Organizations, based in Warsaw, Masovian Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship, based in Warsaw, Automotive Crafts Guild, based in Warsaw, Electric Taxi Sp. o.o. with its seat in Warsaw.

In terms of low emissions and waste management IMP PAN partners’ are e.g. companies such as Bioelectra, Cegielski Poznan (known for its use of innovative technologies for waste management) and selected research centres across the country.

IMP PAN has a package of innovative technologies limiting, among others phenomenon smog.

According to estimates of PPEM Coordinator, thanks to the cooperation of the signatories and the Program Partners, already in 2017 on the streets of Warsaw will be over 200 electric taxis.

Model implementation of a fleet of electric vehicles in the conditions of the capital's urban area, monitored and subject to research work in the KEZO Research Centre will provide a practical basis for solutions in the cities threatened by excessive CO2 emissions and smog. Therefore, the Presidents of dozens of cities for which accession to PPEM can be a real step in the fight for clean air, were invited for the ceremony.