Centre of Flow and Combustion

Centre Structure

In Centre conducted are works of in a variety of fields such as thermomechanical problems, thermal fluid-flow operation and diagnostics of turbines, investigations of the phenomena and modelling of single and multiphase flows, heat and mass exchange in such flows, condensation modelling on tubes and also turbulence modelling in multiphase media. Attention should be focused onto the preliminary works dealing with the investigations of the shock wave interaction with the boundary layer in a transonic tunnel, subsequent commissioning and testing of measurement systems and software and also onto the quickly progressing works dealing with the modelling of combustion in boilers.

The Centre is divided into four research groups:

Reports from activity of the Centre for Thermomechanics of Fluids

Activity of the Centre for Thermomechanics of Fluids is available as a PDF files, since the year 2000.

Implementation Report for task O2/T3 in 2009: 
Problemy cieplno-przepływowe w urządzeniach niskotemperaturowej (<200 °C) energetyki cieplnej, także z wykorzystaniem odnawialnych źródeł energii.

Awarded works:

List of papers


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The list of papers is available as a PDF files, covers the period since 2001:


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