Aerodynamics Department

The Department of Transonic Flows is part of the Centre of Thermomechanics of Fluids, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdańsk, Poland.


  1. Experimental investigation of flow in boundary layer

    • natural and induced transition in boundary layer,
    • unsteady phenomena in boundary layer,
    • thermal boundary on a flat plate,
    • heat transfer in heated boundary layer,
    • modeling of boundary layer transition induced by wakes.

  2. Experimental techniques for flow measurements

    • thermoanemometry,
    • simultaneous measurements of temperature and velocity fluctuations,
    • heat transfer measurements,
    • pressure and velocity measurements.

  3. Wake generation and its investigation

    • wake interaction in turbomachinery,
    • interception of wakes, clocking effect and its modeling,
    • squirrel cage generator,
    • single cylinder in motion.

  4. Engineering applications

    • axial fan design, development and investigation,
    • probes calibration for industry.

Selected research topics

1. Shock wave configuration at triple point at low Mach number.


2. Flow control for noise and drag reduction.


3. Gas turbine cooling (AITEB).



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