Department of Air and Water Purification



Scientific activity of the Department of Air and Water Purification is focused on:

  1. physics and chemistry of electrical discharges,
  2. applications of electrical discharges to air and exhaust cleaning from hazardous gaseous contaminants,
  3. application of dielectric barrier discharges in aeronautics,
  4. applications of electrical discharges to purification of drinking water, sea water and water wastes.


International Symposium on Electrohydrodynamics
23rd to 26th September 2012, Gdańsk, Poland

The main objective of the ISEHD series is to promote international cooperation and technological progress based on the interaction between electrical and fluid mechanics phenomena. This reunion is preceded by seven international symposiums held every two to three years in different countries (Canada, Italy, France, Argentina and Malaysia). The last symposium, ISEHD 2009 was held successfully from 25th to 28th March 2009 in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and attracted about 60 presenters. The International Organizing Committee of the ISEHD was headed for a long time by Prof. Jen-Shih Chang, who passed away in February 2011. He was an accomplished scientist in many fields, including electrohydrodynamics. He authored and co-authored hundreds of papers that have become cornerstones of science. Many of the scientific accomplishments of Prof. J.S. Chang are the result of his leadership and broad international cooperation, in both Americas, Asia and Europe. The Members of the International Organizing Committee of the ISEHD 2012 decided to dedicate the Symposium to the memory of Professor Jen-Shih Chang and organize a special session presenting his major contributions in the field of electrohydrodynamics.

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