IMP PAN offer on hydrogen technologies

We invite companies and scientists to cooperate on the following research and development topics

Hydrogen production

1) Hydrogen Production from Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquid Substances in Microwave Discharge Plasma (M. Jasiński, D. Czylkowski, B. Hrycak)

2) Manufacture and Diagnostics of Electrode Materials Used in Electrolysis and Photoelectrolysis Processes (K. Siuzdak, K. Grochowska)

3) Diagnostics of Electrode Materials and Other Components in an Operating Electrolyser (K. Siuzdak, K. Grochowska)

4) Catalysts for Hydrogen Production in High-Temperature Processes (K. Januszewicz, P. Kazimierski)

5) Integration of Seawater Desalination Technology with Hydrogen Production (R. Matysko)

6) Research on Hydrogen Production through Dark Fermentation: Process Optimisation and Agricultural Utilisation of Residues (A. Cenian, I. Konkol, L. Świerczek, K. Kuligowski)

7) Production and Utilisation of Contaminated Hydrogen for Internal Combustion Engines (J. Biskupski)

Storage and conversion

8) Autonomous Reversible Electricity Storage Based on High-Temperature Fuel Cells (J. Badur, T. Ochrymiuk)

9) Energy Conversion Technologies for Synthetic Hydrogen-Derived Energy Carriers (J. Badur, T. Ochrymiuk, T. Kowalczyk)

10) Physico-Chemical Testing of New Materials Used for Hydrogen Storage and Transport (M. Klein)

11) Issues of Flow, Phase Separation and Tank Filling with a Two-Phase Hydrogen Mixture Under Microgravity Conditions (J. Szymborski, D. Kardaś)


12) Development of a Large-Scale Hydrogen Compression and Transfer System (Several MW and Above) Using Fluid-Flow Machines (P. Lampart, P. Klonowicz)

13) SHM Methods Based on Optical Sensors for Hydrogen Networks (M. Mieloszyk)


14) Combustible Properties of Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Blended Fuels (J. Pozorski)

15) Utilisation of Surplus Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources Using Hydrogen Technologies (P. Kazimierski, D. Kardaś)

16) Hydrogen Embrittlement and the Protection of Devices Operating with Hydrogen: Materials Considerations (A. Krella)

17) Operational Problems of Machines and Devices Operating in a Hydrogen Environment (J. Badur, M. Banaszkiewicz)

18) Hydrogen-Fuelled Cogeneration Systems with a Capacity of up to 1 MW (e.g., Gas Microturbines, Internal Combustion Engines, Hydrogen Co-Combustion in Cogeneration System Boilers) (G. Żywica, P. Klonowicz, D. Kardaś)

19) Cooling Issues in Gas Turbines with Hydrogen-Powered Combustion Chambers (P. Flaszyński)

20) Combustion and Flow Issues in Small Hydrogen-Fuelled Jet Engines (I. Wardach-Święcicka, P. Flaszyński, D. Kardaś)

21) Combustion of Contaminated Hydrogen in Combination with Natural Gas in Domestic Boilers as a Method for Reducing Carbon Footprint (J. Biskupski)

Training offer

1) Hydrogen and Its Potential in Power Engineering (J. Biskupski)

2) Electrolysis as a Method for Hydrogen Production (K. Siuzdak)

3) Hydrogen Embrittlement: Selected Aspects of Material Degradation (A. Krella)

4) Applications of Structural Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Testing Methods for Hydrogen Installations (M. Mieloszyk)

IMP PAN team of experts on hydrogen technologies

1) Patryk Chaja, Ph.D., Eng.

2) Marek Klein, Ph.D., Eng.

3) Piotr Klonowicz, Ph.D., Eng.

4) Alicja Krella, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng., Assoc. Prof. of IMP PAN

5) Magdalena Mieloszyk, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng., Assoc. Prof. of IMP PAN

6) Helena Nowakowska, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng.

7) Tomasz Ochrymiuk, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng., Assoc. Prof. of IMP PAN

8) Katarzyna Siuzdak, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng., Assoc. Prof. of IMP PAN


Contact for cooperation and training: h2(at)imp.gda(.)pl


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