Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster
Green Alternative
for the Northern Poland Macroregion

Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster

Green Alternative for the Northern Poland Macroregion

Objectives of BKEE

The main mission of BEEC is to introduce and promote a widely understood idea of distributed co-generation, understood as simultaneous small and medium scale production of thermal energy and electricity from renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, but also by converting water, solar and wind energy. Actions taken by BEEC are oriented on:

  • reducing the proportion of fossil fuels as the primary energy sources, with simultaneous significant increase of the use of bio-fuels and other sources of renewable energy,
  • stimulating development of green energy related new technologies, and training specialists,
  • assistance in starting production of facilities and systems for bio-energy industry,
  • promoting and supporting energy saving technologies,
  • developing ecological awareness, and professional activation of rural area residents.

Among other effects, BEEC's activity manifests itself in establishing Agro-Energy Complexes, and small and medium-scale cogeneration power plants.



The Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster - Green Alternative provides opportunities for rational use of European Union funds for intensive and sustainable development of the Northern Poland macroregion as the main producer of renewable energy. It is planned to gain resources for BKEE's operations from central and regional operational programmes for years 2007-2013, including:

  • The Operational Programme: Innovative Economy,
  • The Operational Programme: Infrastructure and Environment,
  • The Operational Programme: Human Resources,
  • The Development Programme for Rural Areas,
  • The Operational Programme: Development of Eastern Poland,
  • The Operational Programme of the Pomorskie Voivodeship,
  • The Operational Programme of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship.




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