Centre of Hydrodynamics
The activities of the Centre of Hydrodynamics involve both the fundamental research of fluid-flow phenomena, including numerical modelling and experimental studies, as well as design and diagnostics of hydraulic machinery.
Centre of Flow and Combustion
The Centre of Flow and Combustion deals with problems of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics of energy systems and combustion. Activity of the research groups is connected with modelling flows in airplanes, helicopters and aircraft engines.
Centre of Plasma and Laser Engineering
Centre is focused mainly on plasma and laser investigations and their applications in practice. It is worth noting that the research on lasers has been carried out in the Centre since mid-sixties of the last century, i.e. it has started only several years after the first laser invention.
Centre of Mechanics of Mechines
Specializes in various Non–Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring methods. Activities in the area of modelling of dynamical interactions taking place in subsystems of the type: line of rotors - slide bearings - supports - foundation. Aeroelasticity and structural calculations of turbomachinery components and constructions.
Centre of Heat and Power Engineering
The main interests are problems of thermomechanics of fluid flow machinery and cogeneration of heat and power. The investigations include both fundamental research of energy conversion in heat and fluid flow as well as applied research related to diagnostics, design, experimental and numerical analysis.


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