Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory of LP Turbine Metrology

The Department of Turbine Aerodynamics has got a self-developed system for measurements of wet steam flow, including:

  • multi-purpose disc probes; the probe tip of diameter j =12-20 mm consists of 4(5) Pitot tubes for the determination of total pressure and pitch angle, and two holes for the determination of static pressure and yaw angle; the whole tip of the probe is lined inside as well as covered outside with teflon to avoid watering of the probe and assure effective blow-through and purging of deposited water;
  • special optical system for observations of wet steam flow;
  • instrumentation for sampling water droplets for quality measurements;
  • basket probes for determination of pressure in the condenser of large-power steam turbines.

Laboratory of CFD for Turbomachinery Applications

The Department of Turbine Aerodynamics has got a number of turbomachinery codes, either self-developed or developed in cooperation with other scientific centres and available commercially, including:

  • 0/1D-based CAD (computer aided design) software TURBINA helpful in design of flow path for turbine stages and groups of stages (self-developed);
  • 2D code STOGAR based on the streamline curvature method for computation and design of turbine stages and groups (self-developed);
  • Code DIAGAR for computation, monitoring and thermal diagnostics of large power turbine cycles and cycle components. The code offers a number of possibilities, including determination of deviations from the reference state of the cycle, indication of inefficient cycle components, indication of the most probable degradation of geometry, and prognosis of repairs (self-developed);
  • 3D RANS solvers for investigation of viscous compressible flows in multi-stage turbomachinery flow systems, including:
    • FlowER (licenced from Yershov and Rusanov from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Kharkov),
    • Fluent and CFX (from ANSYS),
    • FineTurbo (from NUMECA).
  • CSM (computational structure mechanics) solver WYKA (by Kaczorowski and Koronowicz – IMP PAN) based on finite elements of medium-thickness shells;
  • Optimisation package Opti_turb for multidisciplinary efficiency optimization of turbomachinery flow systems (self-developed - working with FlowER);