Offer for industry

  • Design of cogeneration cycles, including: power units with steam turbines, ORC turbines, gas turbines, combustion piston engines and combined systems of high efficiency for distributed cogeneration,
  • Feasibility studies of heating stations and their upgrade to heat and power stations. Modernisation of heat and power stations to increase the share of renewable energy and decrease the share of fossil fuels in the production balance,
  • Investigation of flow efficiency of turbine blading systems, including optimisation of blading systems of axial, radial and radial-axial turbines using CFD methods,
  • Design and elaboration of technical documentation of small power turbines – single and multi-stage turbine in axial, radial and radial-axial geometry,
  • Investigation of efficiency and emission indicators from cogenerative units with gas turbines or combustion piston engines, especially when supplied by low caloric gases (biogas, syngas),
  • Utilisation of low caloric gases (biogas, syngas) in piston combustion engines, elaboration of ignition maps for low caloric gas supply.