European Projects and Grants

Employees of the Department of Turbine Aerodynamics are investigators, sub-coordinators, leaders and coordinators of several research projects, including:

  1. Low Temperature District Heating for the Baltic Sea Region (LowTEMP) - European Regional Development Fund & European Neighbourhood Instrument, Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, Cenian A. (project head), J. Mikielewicz.
  2. Universal Gas Turbine Microcogeneration System,  VoltAeris, Kardaś D. (project head), Klonowicz P., Żywica G., Polesek-Karczewska S., POIR.04.01.04-00-0014/17.
  3. New eco-energy technologies for sustainable development of rural areas and low-emission agricultural production, Kiciński J. (project head), Lackowski M., Żywica G., Lampart P., Cenian A., Kardaś D., Bykuć S., BIOSTRATEG3/344128/12/NCBR/2017.
  4. Oil-free, small and medium power radial refrigeration compressors with an innovative, hermetic design (LIDER), Klonowicz P. (project head).
  5. „Advanced Technologies of Energy Production. Task 4 – Elaboration of integrated Technologies of production of fuels and energy from biomass, agricultural waste and other wastes” Strategic research and development programme of NCBiR, 2010-2015 (project coordinator - Jan Kiciński).
  6. „Bioenergy Promotion”, INTERREG project, 2009-2012 (project coordinator at IMP PAN - Adam Cenian)
  7. „Science2Business – Innovation incubator”, projekt PARP, POIG 3.1, 2009-2012, (project coordinator - Fundacja Nowe Media, project head at IMP PAN – Piotr Lampart).
  8. „Rozwój Energetyczny Gmin zgodny z Naturą”, Norway grant, 2009-2011 (project coordinator - Fundacja Poszanowania Energii w Gdańsku, project head at IMP PAN – Piotr Lampart).
  9. „Complex investigation of the influence on the extraction geometry on the structure and efficiency of flow in the last turbine stages”, MNiSzW grant, 2008-2011, project head – Mariusz Szymaniak.
  10. „Model agroenergy complexes as an example of distributed cogeneration based on local and renewable energy resources”, POIG Key Project, POIG.01.01.02-00-016/08, 2008-2013 (project coordinator - Jan Kiciński).
  11. „Supercritical coal units”, MEiN commissioned research project, PBZ-MEiN-4/2/2006, 2007-2010 (project coordinator - Tadeusz Chmielniak, Technical University of Silesia).
  12. “Numerical 3D analysis of interaction of coherent vortex structures in a turbine stage rotor”, MNiSzW grant, 2007-2010, project head – Jerzy Świrydczuk.
  13. MNiSzW grant, 2006-2009, project head – Andrzej Gardzilewicz.
  14. „Numerical optimisation of turbine flow systems”, KBN grant (section T10B), 2003-2006 – project head Piotr Lampart.
  15. „Modelling and diagnosis of mechanical aerodynamic and magnetic interactions in large power units”, KBN commissioned research project, PBZ K015/T10/2001, 2001-2004 (project coordinator - Jan Kiciński).
  16. “Numerical analysis of steady and unsteady flows in turbine stages”, KBN grant (section T10B), 2000-2002, project head – Andrzej Gardzilewicz.
  17. „Numerical analysis of losses in 3D-shaped turbine blading”, KBN grant (section T07C), 2000-2002, project head - Piotr Lampart.
  18. “Expert systems in thermal diagnostics of turbines and power systems”, KBN grant, 1999-2001, project head - Jerzy Krzyżanowski.
  19. “Thermal diagnostics relations of power cycles and equipment”, KBN grant, 1996-1999, project head - Jerzy Krzyżanowski.

We also carry out research investigations ordered by our industrial partners under the IMP PAN programme C2.


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