European Projects and Grants

European Projects:

  1. Design and development of a steam generator emergency feedwater passive system for existing and future PWR's using advanced Steam Injector (DEEPSSI), 5th Euratom Framework Programme (prof. M. Trela).

KBN (Commitee of Scientific Research) Grants:

  1. Enhancement of condensation heat transfer by using electric field (prof. M. Trela).
  2. Momentum, mass and heat transfer in two-phase supercritical steam injectors (prof. M. Trela).
  3. Investigation of thermo-and hydrodynamic phenomena in two-phase injector aiming at improvement of refrigerating cycle efficiency (dr D. Butrymowicz).
  4. Intensification of momentum and energy exchange between phases in gas-liquid injector (dr E. Ihnatowicz).
  5. Evolution of disturbances propagating in water-vapour medium (dr R. Kwidziński).
  6. Investigation of aerosol charging in alternating electric field. (dr hab. A. Jaworek).