Research projects and grants

  1. Participation in Strategic Project NCBiR: "Developing integrated technologies of fuel and energy production from biomass, agricultural waste and other resources", Action 3.9 (2010-2013)

  2. Participation in COST Action MP0806 „Particles in Turbulence” (2009-2013)

  3. EDF Research Project ”Development of smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) approach for simulation of wall boiling” (2010-2013)

  4. OPUS Research Project of National Science Centre “Modelling the effects of small-scale turbulence in dispersed two-phase flows” (2012-2015)

Accomplished Projects

  1. Participation in COST Action P20 “Large-Eddy Simulation for Advanced Industrial Design” (2006-2009) and SPB COST258/06 „Opracowanie reguł efektywnego wykorzystania metody LES w wybranych typach przepływów turbulentnych”

  2. Research project EDF/43 „Near-wall stochastic modelling of physically-complex turbulent flows” (2005-2008)