The research carried out

Our collaboration with Polish hydro power industry dates since early sixties. Within the framework of our statutory activity we develop the design methods of hydraulic machinery and devices. A substantial fraction of our research is oriented on advanced test techniques, essential for solving numerous operational problems occurring in hydro power plants.

The scope of our activity includes:

  • performance and diagnostic tests of hydraulic turbines and pumps under field and laboratory conditions;
  • prevention and mitigation of cavitation and cavitation erosion phenomena in the fluid-flow systems;
  • the concepts of small hydro installations and design of small power water turbines;
  • design of the energy recovery devices to be applied in order to recover the energy lost in industrial hydraulic systems.

Our partners are offered:

  • technical condition assessment of hydraulic machinery and devices;
  • determination of performance curves and optimisation of the performance parameters of hydraulic turbines and pumps;
  • documentation of turbine runners within the framework of rehabilitation and upgrading projects;
  • expert opinions and consultancy.

Our offer to the small hydro investors includes:

  • design documentation and author's supervision over manufacture of tubular, open-flume and cross-flow turbines;
  • the conceptual designs of micro hydro power plants.


Experimental stand of cavitation erosion


Image of destraction - layer TiN


Image of destruction - layer CrN