CSM in industrial applications

Some example of tasks solved in Energy Conversion Department.

Life time computations of corrosive structures undergoing exploitation cycles

Researches are based on our in-house code D-KRAT based on the algebraic 0D model of mass, momentum and energy balances extended by additional evolution equations for the following physico-chemical phenomena:

  • towerThermal deformations
  • Cyclic plasticity and reattaching
  • High temperature creep
  • Stress/thermal induced phase transitions
  • Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon generated chemical reaction/diffusion
  • High temperature stress corrosion
  • Low cyclic corrosion
  • Electrochemical corrosion
  • Hydrogen ductility
  • Environmental interaction with surrounding fluid via electrochemical potential and pH
  • Low cyclic fatigue
  • Low cyclic damage evolution as a synenergic effect of chemical reaction products, mechanical and thermal loading during a real exploitation cycle.

D-KRAT code is especially dedicated for on line numerical simulation of the referential state of structures in real exploitation cycle, which consist four main elements:

  • start-up
  • nominal work
  • shut-down
  • stay

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Examples of degradation modeling during real exploitation cycles

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