Reactive flows

Within our work we have been analyzing the thermodynamic cycles with the SOFC type fuel cell and the gas turbine. Our experience contribute to have a wide range of fundamental knowledge in a thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and chemistry. We are dealing with fluid flows with the chemical reactions. We have an experience in a numerical modeling of chemical equilibrium and non-equilibrium state of multi-component systems. We created the in-house codes (FORTRAN 90, C/C++) for calculating the composition and properties of gas mixture based on minimization of the Gibbs function. We have been analyzing also the kinetics combustion problems by solving the ordinary differential set of equations with Runge-Kutta method. For the present our group are preparing an in-house code for numerical modeling and calculations of operational parameters in the small biomass boiler. The problems mentioned above are the part of the code.


a)badania   b)badania

The composition of the pyrolysis gases of different types of fuel in the function of temperature:
a) coal, b) pine sheed shells.