Former Group Members

  • Prof. Zenon Zakrzewski, D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng.

Professor Zenon Zakrzewski passed away on November 20, 2014, at his home. He will be remembered as an unparalleled man of science and outstanding personality. He was an accomplished scientist in the field of microwave plasma generators.

Professor Zenon Zakrzewski was born at Święte (Pomerania, Poland) in 1935. He received M.Sc. degree in radiotechnics from the Technical University of Gdańsk (Department of Electronics) in 1958. There he achieved the PhD degree in 1967 and DSc degree in 1975. He became a full professor in 1986. Since 1965 he has worked at the Institute of the Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk, where he was the Head of the Ionised Gases Electrodynamics Department.

Professor Zakrzewski worked in the area of physics and technique of plasma and their applications. His scientific activity was focused on microwave plasma generators for chemical analysis applications, plasma chemistry, laser technique and environmental protection. He has published the results of his experimental and theoretical investigations in more than 100 scientific papers in international journals and in 10 chapters of monographs published by worldwide publishing houses. He presented more than 70 papers at international conferences. Currently, his papers are citied over 100 times per year, mainly in well known international scientific journals.

For over 30 years he systematically divided his time between parent Institute in Gdańsk and University of Montreal (famous team headed by Professor Michel Moisan). Moreover, he conducted research a university laboratories in Czech Republic, Germany and France.
Professor Zenon Zakrzewski has done pioneering work in the field of new types of microwave plasma sources which have found practical applications in various countries. These solutions have been covered by 9 patents in USA, Canada, France and the European Union.
One cannot overstate the sense of loss that his death brings to all of his former pupils and co-workers as well as to scientists all over the world developing ideas of Professor Zenon Zakrzewski.

  • Mieczysław Lubański, Ph.D., Eng.
  • Jerzy Stańco, Ph.D., Eng.


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