Mariusz Jasiński
Mariusz Jasiński
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    C3/D1 - Hydrogen Energetics Department
    Position Title:
    D.Sc., Ph.D., Eng.
    Position Description:
    Head of the Hydrogen Energetics Department
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    +48 58 5225 158
    F 312
  • Personal Info

    Dr. Mariusz Jasiński is a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics at Gdańsk University of Technology. The M.Sc. degree in technical physics he achieved in 1997. Doctoral degree in technical sciences he defended in 2003 at the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he is currently working. He received D.Sc. degree in technical sciences from the Lublin University of Technology (Faculty of Electrical  Engineering and Computer Science) in 2015.

    On 1 January 2006, he was appointed head of the Department of Plasma Electrodynamics in the Centre for Plasma and Laser Engineering at the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2009, the unit has changed its name to the Department of Hydrogen Energy. In 2015 he was appointed associate professor at the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

    His research focused on the development of microwave plasma sources, plasma diagnostics based on spectroscopic techniques, and applications of plasma techniques in the energetics, electronics, surface engineering and environmental protection.  

    Dr. Jasiński has the achievements of 100 publications in journals (including 75 papers from the JCR list – IF @ 100), 149 conference papers, 6 chapters in 5 monographs and 31 confidential reports for global companies. In addition, he has in his achievements granted 2 patents abroad (France, USA), 1 world application, 1 European application, 2 national patents and 3 new national applications. His Hirsch index is 19 according to Web of Science and 22 according to Google Scholar.  

    He is a guest editor of special editions ("The Applications of Plasma Techniques", "The Applications of Plasma Techniques II" and “Novel Applications of Plasma Techniques for the Environment”) of the journal "Applied Sciences-Basel", based in Basel, Switzerland (ISSN: 2076-3417, IF = 2,474 in 2019).


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