Offer for Industry

  1. Assessment of the dynamic behaviour and diagnostics of machines and devices.
  2. Design and analyses of fluid-flow machinery (e.g. steam microturbines).
  3. Design and analyses of ORC systems.
  4. Modal analysis of structures (experimental and computational).
  5. Structural and thermal analyses, fluid dynamics, fluid-solid interaction (FSI).
  6. Selection and optimization of bearing systems.
  7. Temperature distribution measurement using a thermal imaging camera.
  8. Fast prototyping (3D printing).
  9. Design and construction of test rigs.
  10. Training courses in the following subjects:
    • dynamics of rotating machines,
    • vibrodiagnostics of machines,
    • bearing systems,
    • renewable energy sources,
    • other (to be agreed).

contact:  grzegorz.zywica(at)imp.gda(.)pl


  1. The implementation of the simulation module based on MESWIR environment software and NLDW series applications for the knowledge base as part of the first Polish Expert System DT200 (1998)
  2. The assessment of the dynamic behaviour of the hydroset with electric power of 600 kWe in hydroelectric power station Tarnówka (September 2012)
  3. Realization of a series of training courses entitled: "Plus-energy houses as an opportunity for eco-energetics” (October 2012)
  4. Technical opinion on implemented technology related to high-speed multiplane balancing of rotors  (September 2014)
  5. 3D printing of a series of prototypical elements (2014)
  6. Development of the design and manufacturing documentation for an ORC installation with thermal power of 250 kW and electric power of 25 kWe    (February 2015)
  7. Assessment of the dynamic behaviour of two hydrosets having a power of 315 kW, located in Hulebo, Sweden (April 2015)
  8. The experimental study on the characteristics of prototypical radial-axial microturbine (April 2015)
  9. The experimental testing of a CHP station equipped with prototypical biomass boiler and ORC module (May 2015)
  10. Identification of excessive vibrations of the turbine set operating in a hydroelectric plant and the elimination of their cause (November 2015)
  11. Modernisation of the drying processing line: development of a plan for the modernisation, computational analysis and assessment of the impact of the proposed changes on the drying efficiency (January 2016)
  12. Flow analysis of a portion of the dryer tunnel using a CFD technique (April 2016)
  13. Analysis of the design solutions applied within the region of the keep plate of a centrifugal compressor (March 2017)