Research projects - in progress

  1. Sonata 11 project No. 2016/21/D/ST8/01711, financed by NCN (implementation period: 2017-2020) Research and modelling of anti-vibration processes occurring in the high-speed bearings with variable geometry
  2. Biostrateg (TechRol) project No. 3/344128/12/NCBiR/2017 (implementation period: 2018-2021)         New eco-energy technologies for the sustainable development of rural areas and low-carbon agricultural production
  3. Implementation project VoltAeris No. POIR.04.01.04-00-0014/17 (implementation period: 2018-2022) Universal micro-cogeneration system with a gas turbine
  4. Opus 14 project, financed by NCN and coordinated by AGH (implementation period: 2018-2022) Mechanisms of stability loss in the high-speed foil bearings – modelling and experimental testing of thermomechanical couplings
  5. Leader project ACTIVERING, financed by NCBR (implementation period: 2019-2021) Active foil bearings with variable dynamical properties


1.     Project No. POIR.02.03.02-22-0009/15-00 (implementation period: 2016-2018)

The development of a new product, namely a 1 kW oil-free microturbine with components made of plastic, as part of a cogeneration system for use in individual households. The project was implemented in cooperation with SARK Sp. z o. o.

2.     Preludium 9 project No. 2015/17/N/ST8/01825, financed by NCN (implementation period: 2016-2018) The adequacy ranges of the linear and nonlinear methods for determining the dynamic properties of rotating machines

3.     Project No. PBS1/A6/6/2012 (implementation period: 2012-2015)

Use of thermoelectric materials to improve the thermal stability of the bearing systems of high-speed rotors

4.     Strategic programme financed by NCBR – Advanced energy generation technologies (implementation period: 2010-2015)

Research task No. 4: Development of integrated technologies for fuel and energy generation from biomass, agricultural waste and other

5.     The key project No. POIG.01.01.02-00-016/08 (implementation period: 2008-2014)

Model agroenergy complexes as an example of distributed cogeneration based on local and renewable sources of energy

6.     Project No. POIG.01.03.01-00-027/08-00 (implementation period: 2008-2012)

Use of smart materials and structures to develop innovative bearing systems for the rotors of power microturbines

7.     Project No. PBZ-038-06 (implementation period: 1995-1998)

Development of modern diagnostic systems for the turbine sets operating in national high-power power units