Scientific Secretariat

The Scientific Secretariat reports directly to the Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, giving him support in managing and reporting the Institute's scientific activities and current organisational matters.

The Secretariat is responsible for the following tasks:

  • planning, accounting and reporting of scientific and research works conducted within the framework of statutory activities,
  • preparing the IMP PAN for the evaluation of scientific entities,
  • cooperation with the doctoral studies at the IMP PAN and the Tricity Doctoral School of PAN in terms of service and financial accounting for projects conducted as part of the Implementation Doctorate programme,
  • preparation of letters, statements and analyses for the Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs,
  • monitoring of published information (laws, regulations, messages, others) related to the functioning of science, statutory activities, project competitions, etc., and forwarding them to the appropriate organisational cells,
  • acceptance of internal orders and handling of incoming invoices in the computer systems of IMP PAN within the authorisations granted,
  • conducting and financial accounting of selected national investment projects.


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