Projekty Europejskie i Granty

Udział w Projektach Europejskich:

IV Framework:

  • EUROSHOCK I and II (1994-1999,DLR) - shock wave boundary layer interaction and its passive and active control.

V Framework:

  • AITEB (1999-2003, Rolls-Royce) - gas turbine cooling,
  • INCO-2 (2000, IMP PAN) - large conference support,
  • HELIX (2001-2003, Airbus) - subcontract (Institute of Aviation, Warsaw).

Current - VI Framework:

  • UFAST project (2006- ), UFAST Homepage) - IMP PAN is a Coordinator of Unsteady eFfects of shock wAve induced SeparaTion Project,
  • UFAST project is to foster experimental and theoretical work in the highly non-linear area of unsteady shock wave boundary layer interaction (SWBLI).