Laboratory equipment

Equipment available in the Smart Materials and Intelligent Structures Laboratory:

  1. TPS spectra 3000 supplied with a Large Sample Gantry Imaging system (TeraView).
    The THz spectrometry laboratory consists of time–domain terahertz spectroscopy with a computer controlled mechanical gantry system for terahertz pulsed imaging of large samples. The spectrometer is dedicated for non–destructive testing of non–conductive materials. The method based on measurements of electromagnetic wave in THz range transmitted or reflected from the sample. The spectrometer works in a frequency range from 0.06 THz to 3.6 THz, with maximal spectral resolution equal to 0.0075 THz (0.25 cm–1). During the measurements the sample is moved automatically relative to the transmitter and detector. The scanning range is equal to 70 cm x 70 cm (X and Y axis) and 30 cm in Z direction with minimal step equal to 20 μm.
  2. 3D Scanning Doppler Laser Vibrometer (namely Polytec PSV–400–3D).
    Vibrometer allows for simultaneous measurement of both in–plane and out–of–plane vibration velocities in range between 0.01 µm/s and 10 m/s for frequencies from DC up to 1.5 MHz for measuring distance from 40 cm up to dozens of meters. Scanning resolution is 0.002 degree which provides possibility of defining about 300 thousands points in laser working area.
  3. Interrogators for FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating) sensors:
    • Micron Optics si425–500 (4 channels, max. measurement frequency 250 Hz, wavelength range 1510 nm – 1590 nm),
    • Smart Fiber Smart Scan 04 (4 channels, max. measurement frequency 20 kHz, wavelength range 1528 nm – 1568 nm),
    • Fiber Sensing FS 4100 (4 channels, max. measurement frequency 1 Hz, wavelength range 1510 nm – 1590 nm),
    • FS 4500 (4 channels, max. measurement frequency 10 kHz, wavelength range 1520 nm – 1570 nm).
  4. Vibrothermography set–up
    Vibrothermography set–up consisting of ultrasound exciter (carrier frequency 20 kHz and power 2 kW), high performance thermal imaging camera FLIR SC–5600 (sensitivity typical 20 mK, 3–5 µm spectral range and  frame rate 100 Hz) and FLIR software for data acquisition.
  5. Universal static–dynamic testing machine Hungta HT–9711–25.
    Dynamic testing machine Hungta HT–9711–25 is powered by electro–hydraulic servo control system. It is characterized by force capacity 20 kN and max dynamic stroke ±25 mm, max static stroke ±50 mm. It enables force control as well as displacement control. Servo hydraulic system has predefined auto–generation of sine, triangular, ramp and square wave usually used for dynamic testing.
  6. Bently Nevada Rotor Kit 4RK with Magnetic Shape Memory Actuator as smart bearing assembly.
    The Rotor Kit 4RK is a high quality machine enabling one to simulate and observe transverse vibrations of rotating machinery (shaft speeds up to 10 000 rpm). The core of Actuator A06–3 is made from a high frequency material to reduce eddy currents in the core and to realize as fast flux changes in the MSM material as possible. The actuator has a MSM element made out of NiMnGa alloy, with an active length of 15 mm.
  7. HIOKI IM3570 Impedance analyzer.
    The operating principle of electromechanical impedance method is based on measurement of impedance–based quantities of piezoelectric transducers bonded on the investigated structure. Electromechanical coupling between the transducer and the host structure causes that mechanical resonances can be interpreted as peaks or zero crossings in the impedance characteristics. Electromechanical impedance method uses sine excitation, where single frequency is used to excite structure during single measurement time (high resolution FRF can be obtained).
  8. Custom–made compact integrated device for elastic wave generation and acquisition with 13 channels.
  9. MTI–2100 Optical displacement measurement device (2 channels, displacement measurement up to 200 kHz).
  10. Trek amplifier designed for MFC (Macro Fibre Composite) transducers (amplification: 200).
  11. Electromagnetic shakers up to 20 kHz.
  12. Two compact integrated devices for elastic wave generation and acquisition (manufacturer Acellent, 32 channels, up to 500 kHz).
  13. TTI 1241 generator.
  14. Piezo systems amplifier designed for piezoelectric transducers.
  15. Dell Precision 7500 Workstation (6 quad core Intel Xeon X5660 2.8 GHz, 48 GB RAM, Tesla K20X).
  16. TYAN VX50 Workstation (4 quad core AMD Opteron 8350HE 2 GHz, 32 GB RAM).