1976, Zeszyt 70-72

A Relationship Between the Constructional Form of an Outlet Edge and the Velocity Distribution on a Turbine Blade Curvature [in Russian]


This paper is aimed at determination of a relationship between the constructional form of an outlet edge and the velocity distribution on a turbine blade curvature in order to determine the efficiency of a blade cascade.

The potential flow has been taken into account. On the basis of the development method it was possible to determine the velocity distribution on the profile curvature and the outlet angle, when the cascade structure, the profile of a blade, the inlet velocity and the angle of the fluid stream were assumed as known. 

A method of integral equations has been assumed as a basis of the velocity distribution calculations. To this end 50 points have been selected on the profile curvature (29 of them on the convex side and 21 on the concave one) for which the calculations of the overall cascade flow velocity potential values have been carried out. Numerical differentiation of the above mentioned velocity potential gave the veloćity values in the selected point.. The computed velocity distribution is in a good agreement with experimental data.


turbine blade curvature, blade cascade efficiency, potential flow