No. 139, 2018, 63–96

A thermodynamic analysis of a gas-steam turbine incorporating a full model of a spray – ejector condenser
P. Ziółkowski


The specific issues that occur in the mathematical modelling of a spray-ejector condenser have been presented. The results of a thermodynamic analysis of a steam-gas turbine cycle have been obtained by computational flow mechanics code. The main aim of the spray-ejector condenser is simultaneously condensing steam and compressing CO2 from the condensation pressure to about 100 kPa. Hence, the most important innovation of this steam-gas cycle emerges as the enhanced condensation, which is based on the nano-injection of cold water and a jet-powered compression of CO2 performed in the spray-ejector condenser.


Computational flow mechanics modelling; Two-phase ejector; Thermodynamic analysis; Numerical analysis