1976, Zeszyt 70-72

An Experimental Study of the Flow Pattern Behind the Row of Turbine Blades with the Mass-Injection Through Their Trailing Edges


The injection of additional mass stream into the main flow through the blading of turbomachines is intended to cool gas turbine blades operating in elevated temperatures, or to heat working medium of turbines for wet or slightly overheated steam. In wet steam turbine stages the injection of additional mass-flow - especially with the enthalpy higher than that of the main flow - has a positive effect ofincreasing the degree of the steam dehydration, causing besides the erosion decrease by disintegrating the condensated droplets. 

The previous theoretical and experimental investigations [1, 2, 4, 5] concerned mainly the injection through slots in blade trailing edges or in their direct vicinity. They dealt with the flow losses determination and the influence of edge geometry upon the turbine stage efficiency. 

The present experimental data supplemęnt the results of other authors. They were obtained during the examination of stator blade cascade while injecting additional mass-flow through blade trailing edges. 


mass stream, gas turbine blades, heat working medium, turbine stage efficiency