No. 108, 2001, 95-111

Analysis of additional vibrations encountered during investigations of rotor dynamics


In the paper an effort has been made to explain unexpected rotor vibrations, which have been encountered during experirnents on the research stand for the analysis of rotors and bearings. Presented have been the results of experimental investigations conducted on a research rig for the analysis of rotors and bearings developed and operated at IFFM PAS in Gdańsk. Subsequently, the rotor with its all implementary parts has been modelled and calculations were made using the NLDW computer program. Comparisons have been made between the results of experiments and corresponding calculations. These showed that the calculations reveal very good consistency with the experiments for the rotor velocities up to about 1,2×ηκτ, and absolutely are not in tune in the case of phenomena observed at higher rotational velocities. Conducted has been analysis for the possible reasons of such lack of consistency. The results from that analysis, apart from their fundamental character, are of significant practical importance, which are to be expioited in further experimental works planned in future on that rig.


rotor vibrations, rotor frequency