No. 138, 2017, 75–88

Analysis of unsteady boiling during high-temperatured body dipping in water
J. Badur, M. Bryk


In this paper, the analysis of sudden water phase change during high-temperature metal body dipping is presented. According to that purpose, the computational fluid dynamic analysis has been carried out. The nonstationarity and behavior of sudden water phase change has been examined. The calculation model consists of the solid domain (vessel and high-temperature metal) and fluid domain (liquid filling vessel). The metal body insertion to the fluid domain was obtained by the use of dynamic mesh. Special case of the dipping velocity, the metal body of temperature 723 K and fluid temperature 288 K. was examined. Moving on to calculations, the model containing basic conservation equation, expanded of turbulence and liquid evaporation equations has been used.


CFD modeling, Numerical analysis