No. 106, 2000, 33-43

CFD identification of generalised transmittances for any element of pulsating gas piping system


Pressure pulsation in positive displacement gas compressor manifolds can significantly affect the quantity of the energy required for gas compression. One of more difficult problems with the analysis of pressure pulsations is proper description of the acoustic effect of gas manifolds. The most used analysis composition of the classical Helmholtz model, where an element of the piping system is substituted by a element of straight segments of the pipeline of known length and diameter. Quite a large number of elements of a piping system ca.rr be described properly in this way. However in many cases this model is insufficient. An attempt to the analysis of other shapes was presented in [2-4|, but only simple geometry elements were considered. The aim of the present paper is to show a new method of the computational identification of any element of the piping system, i.e. elements with complex transmittance matrix for such dement using the CFD simulation package. On the basis of CFD simulation results the elements of the transmittance matrix are calculated defining in such way the installation element. The results of the developed method have been compared with the results of Helmholtz model showing better accurancy.


pressure pulsation, Helmholtz model, matrix elements, pressure transmittance, flow transmittance


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