1976, Zeszyt 70-72

Experimental Investigations of the Outer Meridional Contour of a L.P. Cylinder [in Russian]


The form of the meridional contour of L.P. cylinders affects the efficiency.

Investigations of the optimum form of the outer meridional contour in the region of the final stage of the L.P. cylinder of a steam turbine of great output were carried out on a three-stage multishaft steam turbine, with actual steam parameters. The final stage was provided with a separate shaft having a hydraulic brake. The output of the final stage was measured and, besides, detailed investigations of the flow in control cross-sections of the stage as well as on the outer contour under investigation were carried out.

The flow pattern observed has shown the sources of losses taking place in a flow around an outer contour of complicated form.

The investigations made it possible to select the optimum form of the meridional contour ensuring the highest efficiency of the final stage.


L.P. cylinders, meridional contour, multishaft steam turbine, flow pattern