No. 138, 2017, 33–73

Modeling of a mixture flow of helium and methanol in thermocatalytic reactor and chemical reactions on the intermethallic phase of Ni3Al
P. Ziółkowski, M. Stajnke, P. Jóźwik


In this paper, the specified issues that occurs in the numerical modeling of complex phenomena of chemical reactions intensified with forced fluid flow in the thermocatalytic reactor channels on the intermetallic phase of Ni3Al are presented. Based on the example of flowing mixture containing helium contaminated by methanol in a horizontal microchannels, heated from the outside, received results of the experiment were shown and compared with computational fluid dynamize calculations. However, standard version of commercial code have been expanded by user defined functions. These extensions transformed the calculation mechanisms and algorithms of computational fluid dynamize codes adapting them for the micro-flow cases and increased chemical reactions rate on an interphase between fluid and solid. Results obtained on the way of numerical calculations were compared with experimental data receiving satisfactory compliance.


CFD modeling, Numerical analysis, Methanol decomposition, Catalytic reactions