No. 138, 2017, 107–123

Numerical analysis of the onset of condensation in the IMP PAN nozzle for cases without the appearance of shock waves in the steam flow
S. Kornet, M. Banaszkiewicz, J. Badur


The present paper focuses on the prediction of the spontaneous condensation phenomena in the wet steam flow depending on the inlet temperature. The basic tests including comparison with experimental data have been performed using the planar symmetrical nozzle with the de Laval geometry (IMP PAN nozzle). It was assumed in calculations that steam is pure and does not contain heterogeneous sources of condensation. Numerical analysis was performed for boundary conditions which correspond to the flow regime without the shock wave. The present work includes simulations results of the onset of condensation and shows whether initiation of phase transition is located in the region between a spinodal and a binodal. Numerical results along the nozzle axis are presented on thermodynamic diagrams for all considered flow conditions.


Spinodal, Binodal, Spontaneous condensation, SCWS model, IMP PAN nozzle, Wilson line