No. 122, 2010, 3–43

Problems related to theoretical modelling of production and behavior of thermal barrier coatings


In this paper one discusses the problem of modelling of thermal barrier coatings in an unified way. This approach takes into account both mechanics of materials responsible for behavior of the thermal barrier coatings and its production relying on preparation of material for deposition and the deposition itself. Two pillars of the unified description are considered. The first one is the notion of index of structure. The second one is created by criteria of design of properties of the thermal barrier coatings. It is suggested to apply the multiscale method of modelling for the behavior of material in deposited layer called collection of dynamical systems with dimensional reduction. This multiscale approach is viewed as appropriate theoretical environment for expression of design criteria of the layer. We mean by this the criteria related to mechanical resistance against damage and criteria for thermal properties. It is accentuated that the two-scale segment of multicale modeling composed of molecular dynamics and nanoscale modeling is of primary importance for the design tasks. Possibility of consideration of both mentioned methods of modelling follows from properties of the collection of dynamical system approach which allow us to treat molecular dynamics and continuum mechanics models within one theoretical scheme. Premises for design of production of thermal barrier coatings process are placed in the design of layer properties which could be next transformed into design of indexes of structure corresponding to various stages of the deposition.


thermal barrier coating, deposition, multiscale modelling