Volume 100 (1996)




1996, Zeszyt 100

Effect of flow throttling configyrations of plug-type valve on waterhammer in a pump delivery pipeline - experimental investigation


A new plug-type check valve has been designed and tested to reduce the intensity of waterhammer in pump systems. Novelty of the design lies in simultaneons application of two ways of flow throttling within the valve. One of them takes place in the configuration formed between a damping annulus mounted to the valve case and a sharpedged annulus of the valve head. The other is accornplished in the configuration of valve head - valve seat by means of a properly shaped valve head.

Experimental tests have been carried out on a pump test rig for different configurations of a specially prepared valve. Waterhammer is a result of valve self-closing after disconnection of the pump motor. Application of only one of the proposed methods of flow throttling without use of the other does not result in diminishing the impact of waterhammer which remains comparable to that of the undamped valve. Only simultaneous throttling in both mentioned configurationscan produce a desired effect. 

The main conclusion of the paper is that the newly comtrocted valve is capable of corrsiderably reducing the level of waterhammer in pipeline systems due to pump power failure. 


check valve, waterhammer intensity, pump systems, flow throttling, pipeline systems