Volume 100 (1996)




1996, No. 100

Impingement of a liquid jet on an inclined plate


Theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of impingement of a liquid jet on an inclined plate has been carried out. Splitting of the Newtonian liquid on the inclined plate is caused by the inertia and gravity forces. A theoretical model of the phenomenon has been formulated as well a method of its solving has been proposed. The method of solving is based on qualitative analysis of geometrical and topology properties of the integral curves. The existence of turning and singular points in the solution has been pointed out. The method of solving depends on the character of singularity. Turning and singular points of the solution correspond to critical flow condition of the so-called hydraulic jump. Nrrmerical calculations are presented which illustarate the theory. It has been shown that supercritical flow can rearh critical paranneters approaching the maximal spreading radius. The hydraulic jump may appear due to a variety of disturbances even before the flow reaches the critical conditions. After the hydraulic jump the flow becomes subcritical. The transition of flow from supercritical to subcritical conditions is also possible in the case when the integral curve passes through a singular point.


Impingement, liquid jet, inclined plate, hydraulic jump,