Volume 102 (1997)


1997, No. 102

Techno-economic advantages of operation of pumped-storage plants within the power system


The paper presents functions of pumped-storage power stations operating within the power system. These functions can be divided into two categories - direct functions which have a direct and immediate effect on the production curve and indirect functions which indirectly influence the operation of the system. The following direct functions are discussed among others: energy transfer, intervention function, control function spinning reserve , operational stand-by reserve and compensation work. Amongst the indirect functions of pumped-storage power stations, there should be mentioned settling down the operation of thermal power stations, limitation of break-down occurrence in thermal power units, rediction in consumptión of fuel used at stand-up, power generation at or near optirnurn efficiency and other techno-economic advantages for co-operating thermal power stations as well as global advantages in terms of the whole power unit. The aim of the paper is to give systematic insight, gained from a literature review, into advantages and disadvantages coming from the operation of pumped-storage power plants. 


transfer of energy, pumping work