Volume 137 (2017)


No. 137, 2017, 59–70

Cleaning of process gas from gasification of solid recovered fluid - results of experimental research
A. Sobolewski, M. Szul, T. Iluk, W. Ostrowski, T. Billing


The paper takes up the topic of energetic utilization of alternative fuels produced from wastes, particularly in case of solid recovered fuel gasification for cogeneration of heat and power in piston engine. Process gas cleaning for its energetic and chemical utilization has been discussed. Presented scope of research concerns technological designs for dry and wet gas cleaning methods developed by Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal. Furthermore identified main operational problems of both gas cleaning units have been presented. Description of the two types of gas cleaning units has been provided together with obtained results from laboratory analysis of moisture, tar and particle content measured in process gas generated from solid recovered fluid.


Gasification; SRF, Process gas cleaning, High temperature filtration, Oil scrubber