Volume 85 (1983)


1983, Zeszyt 85

Działalność naukowa Zakładu Dynamiki Plazmy w latach 1976 - 1980


The principal field investigated was the interaction of electromagnetic fields with the matter. 

The Group for Magneto-Plasma-Dynamics concentrated its activity in the field of microwaves and particularly their interaction with gases. The studies carried out in the last few years concerned mainiy the physical mechanism of steady-state microwave discharges with the particular interest in long, low pressure discharges supported by a travelling wave. The prior investigations of glow discharge in magnetic field and development of the appropriate diagnostic methods have been concluded. 

The Group for Gaseous Electronics investigated electrical glow discharges in lasers and particularly the performance of laser hollow-cathodes. Thę next problem was the development of laser Doppler anemometer systems. Additionally the characteristics of the electrical glow discharges in various gases were determined from the point of view of technological applications such as ion nitriding.

The Group for Electromechanics reported several new concepts of electric transducers of fluid flow rate and pressure difference. The most thoroughly investigated was the electromagnetic float flowmeter. Other concepts underwent only preliminary testing. 

There has been also conducted and finished the investigation of electric arc heaters. The results have been generalized and utilized for formulation of design guiding rules.


Department of Plasma Dynamics, electromagnetic fields, Magneto-Plasma-Dynamics, microwaves, travelling wave