Research Areas

  • Application of PZT sensors and FBG sensing for detection, localisation and identification of different types of damage in structural materials manufactured of metallic and composite materials.
  • Application of electromechanical impedance method for experimental investigation of damage detection algorithms in structural elements.
  • Visualization of different types of damage by the full field of elastic waves propagating method.
  • Detection of contaminants in composite materials based on analysis of propagating elastic waves.
  • Detection of defects in adhesive joints based on propagation of elastic waves 
    and electromechanical impedance methods.
  • Application of terahertz techniques for damage detection and localization.
  • Application of FBG optical sensors methods for diagnostic structures and devices.
  • Application of artificial neural networks in engineering applications.
  • Multi–functional materials in active control of structures.
  • Application of hierarchical modelling and adaptive approach for models and analysis of static and dynamic elastic bodies and piezoelectric materials issues.
  • Modelling of advanced engineering materials with complex microstructures and evolving properties.
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