Department of Physical Aspects of Ecoenergy

Research Topic

The Department of Physical Aspects of Ecoenergy (DPAS) focuses on a wide range of topics, including nanotechnologies for water splitting, photovoltaic systems, etc., ecoenergetics (production of biofuels: biohydrogen, biogas, bioethanol, etc), circular economy, waste management and biofertilizers technologies (digestate, compost, etc.). The Department also conducts research related to plasma diagnostics, engines and medical lasers.

The present scientific activity is focused on:

  • nanotechnology and advanced functional material,
  • waste anaerobic digestion and waste pre-treatment methods (enzymatic, pressure, temperature, chemical treatment),
  • bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass,
  • circular economy, as well as management of: food, industrial and agro- waste, waste plastics,
  • biogas purification technologies and gas engines diagnostics,
  • digestate nutrients recovery and fertilizers/soil amendments preparation,
  • agronomic effectiveness verification via glasshouse tests and agri-environmental modelling,
  • microbial bioremediation of polluted soil and water (remediation of heavy fuel spills from shipwrecks and polluted lake beds),
  • plasma and laser diagnostics and application.

The Department cooperate with a number leading research institutes, universities and industry; DPAS leads and takes part in various international projects.

The Department participates in the popularization and implementation of the renewable energy sources use in our region by organizing conferences and trainings for agricultural or forestry sector and agricultural product processing companies. Promotional activities regarding RES are carried out through cooperation with other departments of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery and Partners of Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster.

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