Centre for Mechanics of Liquids - Offer for Industry

Centre for Mechanics of Liquids is committed to working with the Polish hydroelectricity. Within the framework of statutory activities are developing methods for designing machinery and hydraulic equipment and research techniques which are key to solving a series of operational problems.

Range of our activities covers:

  • energy research and diagnostics of water turbines and pumps in operating and laboratory conditions
  • counteracting the undesirable phenomena in flow systems: water hammer, cavitation and cavitation erosion
  • design and construction works of small hydropower
  • design of equipment for recovery of energy wasted in industrial hydraulic systems

Oferta dla przemysłu

What we offer to our partners:

  • evaluate the technical condition of machines and hydraulic devices
  • determination of the characteristics of energy and optimize the parameters of movement of water turbines and pumps
  • documentation of replacements and upgrading of water turbine rotors
  • expertise and consultation

Oferta dla przemysłu

What we offer to investors of small hydro power:

  • documentation and supervision over the execution of pipe turbines, cup turbines and Michell-Banks turbines
  • conceptual designs of water micro power plants

Oferta dla przemysłu


Dr. Adam Adamkowski, PhD, DSc
e-mail: aadam(at)imp.gda(.)pl
tel.: 58 69 95 212

Dr. Janusz Steller, PhD
e-mail: steller(at)imp.gda(.)pl
tel.: 58 69 95 139


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