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Workshop Turbomchinery

Department of Turbine Aerodynamics has organised a number of events – international conferences and seminars which put together the turbomachinery community.

  • 34-th Turbomachinery Workshop, September …, 2020, Gdańsk - link
  • 30-th Jubilee Turbomachinery Workshop, September 14-16, 2016, Gdańsk.
  • 25-th Jubilee Turbomachinery Workshop, September 19-22, 2011, Gdańsk-Krzeszna.
  • 20-th Jubilee Turbomachinery Workshop, September 25-28, 2006, Gdańsk-Krzeszna.
  • 15-th Seminar on Turbomachinery (15 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Turbomaschinen), September 28-30, 2000, Gdańsk-Krzeszna.

Other seminars

  • Seminar/Summer School "CFD for Turbomachinery Applications", September 1-3, Gdańsk, Poland (more...). Selected papers from this semminar were published in TASK Quarterly:

Cooperation with Academies

We have a cooperation with several foreign institutions based on binded contracts between the Academies:

  • with the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Kharkov for years 2012-1014, 2009-2011, 2006-2008, 2002-2005 (project heads – Piotr Lampart, Jerzy Świrydczuk, Andrzej Gardzilewicz, Andrey Rusanov, Sergey Yershov).
  • with the Institute of Thermophysics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague for years 2012-2014, 2006-2008 (project heads – Piotr Doerffer, Piotr Lampart, Martin Luxa, Jaromir Prihoda, Karel Kozel).
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